Betty Iris Baker (bettybaker) wrote in i_can_spell,
Betty Iris Baker

Requested introduction post

My name is Betty Baker. I am a grammar and spelling maven. My sweetheart likes to call me a grammar nazi. He doesn't like it when I judge a person's personality based on his or her spelling, but it's almost impossible to refrain from doing so (perhaps I'm not enlightened enough). Bad spelling hurts my ears. When I see a word spelled incorrectly, I hear it.

glade !=glad

God help me. I hope I'm not alone in this. I'm looking to you to comfort me in times of bad spelling. I'm hoping that you'll let me commiserate with you when you're assaulted by spelling of the bad kind. Mostly, though, I'm looking for opportunities to point and snicker. Can you help me with that?
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