Nolacontender (nolacontender) wrote in i_can_spell,

Grr. Not so much spelling but....

Ok, one spelling one ... context I guess?

My son just started at a new school, so I being good mom, write the teachers and email introducing myself and this is an excerpt from one reply. This was from his social studies teacher:

(son's name) received a 60 % on his last test. The problem is that he has three 0's for not turning in his notes, homework, and worksheets. I asked him for them on the day they were do, and he said he left them at home.

Then this in a commercial I've seen a thousand times but just never noticed the misuse of the words...

(A woman is shown riding one of those power scooters across an intersection) Voiceover: "Just a short time ago, this woman was limited by her mobility."


Shouldn't it be that she was limited by her lack of mobility?

Yeah yeah, there are those of us who think too much, I know!!
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