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My PET named PEEVES !!!


Can’t you just imagine some of these young people on the internet today becoming police and writing you out a speeding ticket: "U WUR KAWT SPEEEEEEDG!"

Or becoming an English teacher and on the test they asked you: "Y R U ----------" And then they don’t use any punctuation so you can’t figure out if they are asking or stating.

First, I belong to what is known on the LJ as "an elitist community" known as I_Can_Spell. Here’s what the maintainer of that group writes (and I support the statement entirely): "Too many idiots are online. Far too many that don't belong. Look in any chat room or message board and you'll see what I mean....This is a group of people who can spell. A group of people who don't shorten you're to ur, and do know the difference between you're and your and yore. And yes, there is a difference. As there is between there and their and they're. But I could rant all day. Four, fore, for, and 4 are all different. Here are the people who spell cool without a k and the people who don't forget the yo in you."

A while back I joined one of those internet dating gigs. One of the questions on the form was: "What are you pet peeves?" Well, I couldn’t resist the pun (puns are one of my favorite kinds of humor) so I answered: "I don’t have any pets--especially named Peeves." Well, that is not exactly true. I do have a "pet peeve." What is it?

It is people who use that gibberish internet trashy lingo. The idiots, and I use that word deliberately, who don’t want to spell because they are just too damned lazy to do so. Now I can forgive a misspelled word occasionally or I can even forgive someone who lives in a foreign country and hasn’t yet learned English real well but they are doing their best. But I cannot forgive anyone living in America who is too lazy to learn or simply doesn’t care to spell so I can read it. Why?

1. I consider it insulting to me. Those who know me know, or ought to know if they have read my INFO page or viewed my web site, that I’m an author of several books. Therefore, I am someone that is literate and I want to understand you when you speak or write me. But I can’t understand this illiterate bullshit on the internet. So stop insulting me by writing me that way. LEARN to spell and DO IT! I’m not going to come DOWN to that level to try and understand you. I don’t have the time or patience. So if you want me to communicate, then put forth the effort to rise above the level of an IDIOT and learn to spell. If you are financially unable to afford a book on spelling, then send me your mailing address and I’ll order (on the internet) the book titled: SPELLING FOR DUMMIES!

2. Nearly every web site that I’ve seen offers some kind of spell checker when you are writing e-mails or journal entries. It is that little button at the bottom usually and all you have to do is click it and it will do the rest. Most even offer you the correct word spelled correctly--that is, if the internet can figure out the gibberish.

3. It is degrading to you and shows you to be an IDIOT--whether you are or not. The word IDIOT is defined as: "A human being (?) conspicuously deficient in mental powers and in the capacity for self-protection." (I inserted the “?” myself.) I can accept someone who has had a rough life and maybe doesn’t have much education. And I can even be supportive if they are in such a state. But if they have no desire to improve and do not want to put forth any amount of effort, even if it be but an iota, then I have no compassion and they are an IDIOT!

I’m certain there are other reasons why but that ought to be sufficient to make my point. I absolutely despise that type of lingo almost as much as I do the U.S. government--and most of you know how I feel about those BASTARDS! Now I’m not trying to be insulting or cruel to any of you. But I have to get it off my chest for it has been appearing more and more frequently and I would like very much to be friends with those who use it. But I can’t if I can’t understand what you are trying to say. If we were speaking in person and you were talking "pig latin" I would not be able to understand you for I never learned "pig latin." So how can you expect me to understand you? Or if I were to speak French to you and you didn’t know French, how in hell would you know what I was talking about? You wouldn’t! So we couldn’t communicate. Well, it is the same with this internet lingo. I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU!

“...the strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.”
An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

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