Rosie (minnie_mcmouse) wrote in i_can_spell,


This isn't quite a spelling question, more of one relating to what I believe to be a made-up word.

Someone please confirm for me that 'despiteful' is not a word - I am held strongly in the belief that it is a strange cross that one particular person made from 'spiteful' and 'despite', which has made it into mainstream language enough to be featured on

I suppose the fact that it's on that site should instill some faith that perhaps I'm wrong, but I just can't see it being real. Or perhaps it's just an American English word, not British English (that being what I speak myself), since it was found on and the Merriam-Webster online site also, but not in my own Oxford English Dictionary. Some help to settle my mind on such an irritating argument with several friends would be fantastic if anyone cares or follows this community still.

I just couldn't bring myself to say, "He's so despiteful." It doesn't sound correct to me!

Thank you (firstly for reading all this jibberish, and then to anyone who takes the time to reply to me).
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